Dr. Lisa Elliott
Research Manager - AusPhage
Lisa Elliott, At a Glance

Lisa Elliott is a consultant researcher located in Townsville Australia, with extensive skills and knowledge in aquaculture, microbiology, immunology and phageology (the development of bacteriophage preparations). With a BAppSc (Hons 1st Class), a Ph.D. in marine animal immunology, and a background in aquaculture farm management, Lisa found her passion, bacteriophage. Over the past six years, Lisa has been responsible for a diversity of projects including, the successful development and application of bacteriophage preparations to control disease outbreaks such as Aeromonas hydrophila in aquaculture and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus in mammals. Since 2008, Lisa has been in charge of the research, development and project management of bacteriophage projects as applied to therapeutic development, and the management of laboratory research teams. Today, Lisa is the Director of AusPhage Ptd Ltd and manages and supports research projects for a variety of clients globally with a focus on multi-drug resistant bacteria and a dedication to the improvement of animal health and welfare.

Current Projects:

1) Contracted Senior Research Manager - Development of phage preparations for the control of Vibrio species in a range of environments

a) Vibrio are a group of bacteria that are associated with major economic losses, particularly in aquaculture and marine animal rehabilitation hospitals, with several species causing significant health problems in humans. When fully developed bacteriophage preparations will offer many sectors a safe and environmentally friendly treatment option for the control of this pathogen.

2) Consultant Senior Research Manager - Investigation into the microbiology of Redclaw crayfish eggs and hatchery system and development of strategies to control bacterial disease outbreaks in early stage hatchlings.

a) Redclaw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus) farming in Australia has typically been classified as ‘extensive’ rather than ‘intensive’ farming and the industry has not grown over the past several years. In recent years an Australian farmer adapted an egg incubation process from Europe and developed a Redclaw hatchery process that has enabled a high level of control over the life cycle of C. quadricarinatus. This has opened many new possibilities and is dramatically changing the face of the Redclaw industry in Australia. Whilst major progress in hatchery techniques has been achieved, sporadic bacterial infections resulted in mortalities in the order of 80-90% in Stage 2 larvae (S2L). With a substantial increase in demand for hatchery reared "craylings" disease management in the hatchery has become crucial.

3) Postgraduate Student supervisor – James Cook University Townsville.

a) Honors project: Investigation of multi-drug resistant bacteria associated with disease in the rehabilitation of green sea turtles and development of a bacteriophage preparation to control infection.

b) Ph.D. project: Investigation of the microflora in the digestive system of wild caught and rehabilitated green sea turtles.

Future projects:

1) Development of bacteriophage preparations for the treatment of multi drug resistant wound infections in Australian indigenous diabetic patients.

a) If successful funding is achieved, this project will be part of a large project focusing on the mental and physical health of Australian indigenous diabetic patients. The results will enable a better understanding of ways to successfully treat problems associated with diabetic disorders.

Future presentations:

October 15th-18th 2014 – World Nutrition Forum, Munich (by invitation only)

“The World Nutrition Forum, an established event on the animal nutrition industry’s calendar hosted by BIOMIN, brings together experts from around the world to discuss the future of animal nutrition and to present solutions on the challenges to come”

This conference includes pig, poultry, ruminant and aquaculture sessions. As a guest speaker her talk will be part of the Aqua Culture Expert Session on Thursday afternoon, October 16. Her speech title is: Bacteriophage Therapy in Aquaculture – Friend or Foe.

In addition to the presentation, a book of proceedings will be published, which will be distributed at the conference. Read her manuscript below:


Dr. Lisa Elliott
Research Manager
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